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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Professor Burlingame?
Professor Burlingame is an anthropologist, author, educator and podcaster based in New York City.  She has a masters degree in anthropology and over a decade of experience, both inside and outside the academy, helping thousands of ambitious lifelong learners (she calls them "Ambitious Nerds") apply meaningful life lessons from the science of anthropology.

Professor Burlingame is an award-winning writer (A Taste of Anthropology) whose newsletter articles are tailor-made to educate, enlighten and inspire you to greater confidence and a stronger sense of self so you can make the improvements in your personal and professional life you know you need to make (even if you don't think that you can).

And you can get all of this, for free, by subscribing.

What are the benefits of the A Taste of Anthropology E-Newsletter?
By signing up, you will have your choice of a gift that you can use to enhance your life.  In every issue you will also receive exclusive and first-look articles written to help support you in the three general areas that Professor Burlingame teaches about through the wisdom of anthropology: relationships, intellectual development and health and wellness.  You will also have direct access to Professor Burlingame, since you can simply hit reply on any newsletter and ask a question that she will personally respond to.

If these benefits appeal to you, then you should definitely sign up for the newsletter HERE.

Is the e-newsletter free?
It is!

How often will I get it?
At least once a month.  On occasion you may get it more than once a month.

If I subscribe, will Professor Burlingame sell my information?
No.  All information you provide to sign up for the A Taste of Anthropology e-newsletter remains private.

What if I want to unsubscribe?
You are free to unsubscribe at any time by following the "unsubscribe" link found at the bottom of every e-newsletter.  Although she will be sad to see you go, Professor Burlingame only wants people who value and look forward to her e-newsletter content and direct access to her to remain subscribers.

What if I accidentally unsubscribed?
You can subscribe again by coming back to this website and following the newsletter tab.  If you have any issues, you can always email a description of your situation to: workerbeewisdom@email.com.  Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Will I learn how I can work with Professor Burlingame in the e-newsletter?
Yes!  Every issue includes information on how to access Professor Burlingame's other lessons as well as handy links to that content.

I want to sign up!  How do I do it?
You can join the mailing list HERE and at the top of this page.  

Professor Burlingame looks forward to welcoming you as a part of her community of Ambitious Nerds!

Questions?  Need help?  Contact Us HERE.  Email Us Here: workerbeewisdom@email.com
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