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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Professor Burlingame?
Professor Burlingame is an anthropologist, author, educator and podcaster based in New York City.  She has a masters degree in anthropology and over a decade of experience, both inside and outside the academy, helping thousands of ambitious lifelong learners (she calls them "Ambitious Nerds") apply meaningful life lessons from the science of anthropology.

Think of Professor Burlingame as the anthropology college professor version of the teachers in the movies To Sir, With Love and Dead Poets Society -- she teaches practical life lessons, relationship skills and intellectual skills through the wisdom of anthropology.  You will find these lessons essential in either your personal or professional lives.

What are the benefits of A Masterclass?
Professor Burlingame will provide you with the kind of expert support and knowledge you need to succeed in your relationship, health and wellness or intellectual ambitions.

Whether you're seeking to reduce conflict in your personal or professional relationships, move past your internal conflict toward healthier wellness habits or gain an actionable plan with simple milestones for achieving a specific career or academic project objective, working privately and one-on-one with Professor Burlingame will give you the peace of mind and clarity of focus you need to accomplish complex goals.

Rather than feeling like you're alone in facing your challenges, you can feel like you have an advocate in your corner who has taken the time to understand your individual needs and who is ready to inspire and support you with the wisdom of anthropology from start to finish.

Is a Masterclass really right for someone like me?
If you're an adult human being who values and respects lifelong learning and is looking for science-based insight into yourself and others to teach you the information you need to improve your relationships, health and wellness and/or intellectual abilities, then a Masterclass is right for you.

Although you can learn from the Professor in many ways, a Masterclass will allow you to learn from her in a private, online tutorial with a unique and effective curriculum that has been created just for you and your needs.  The limited availability of this opportunity to learn from Professor Burlingame means that you will get the benefit of her focused time and attention.  This kind of educational format is a highly efficient environment for enduring learning.

English isn't my first language.  Is a Masterclass still right for me?
Professor Burlingame has more than a decade of experience teaching students whose first language isn't English.  Although your Masterclass will be conducted in English, you don't need to be a native speaker to take a Masterclass.  In fact, the communication-intensive nature of a Masterclass with Professor Burlingame means that you will also develop in your English-language skills in conjunction with the topic you will study through the wisdom of anthropology.

How do I set up a Masterclass?
All Masterclasses start with a free 20 minute call with Professor Burlingame.  During this call, you will discuss your needs with her as they relate to a relationship, intellectual development or health and wellness life goal.  If your goals fit a Masterclass format, then the Professor will send you a preliminary syllabus with a personal and custom-made Masterclass that she will use to help guide you along your improvement path.  Once this syllabus has been accepted, you will receive a payment invoice and get added to Professor Burlingame's calendar.  You can then begin your Masterclass journey!

What Does booking a call mean that I'm obligated to do a Masterclass with Professor Burlingame?
It doesn't, no.  You will simply be discussing the possibilities of a potential Masterclass with the Professor.

What if the Professor thinks my needs aren't a good fit for a Masterclass?
Professor Burlingame has other options to help you with your goals - books, articles, podcast episodes, videos and other educational programs, to name but a few.  Your call with Professor Burlingame will provide you with ways to support your personal improvement path even if a Masterclass may not be the right format for you and your goals.

What happens during a Masterclass session?
Each Masterclass session is held once a week for 12 weeks and conducted online, one-on-one, with Professor Burlingame.  Sessions last one hour and are filled with activities, discussion, information, Q & A's and goal-setting.  Masterclass sessions are dynamic, so they can and will change to fit your needs and the topic of your Masterclass.  In addition to each session, the Professor is available via email should you have any questions.  Response time may vary, but any questions left unanswered before your next session will be answered during that session.

What kinds of activities happen during a Masterclass session?
Professor Burlingame's teaching methodology includes a strong emphasis on experiential learning through communication-to-learn activities.  This means that your Masterclass activities will include reading, writing, listening and speaking elements designed to help you learn, practice and hone skills related to your Masterclass goals.  Every activity will also, of course, be informed by lessons guided through the wisdom of anthropology.  Some examples of activities that the Professor has done with other Masterclass students include: journalling, guided meditation, anthropology scavenger hunts, affirmations and mindfulness and empathy exercises.

What if I need to reschedule a session?
You can reschedule your Masterclass up to three times and you have nine months from your start date to finish all of your Masterclass sessions.  To reschedule, simply contact Professor Burlingame via email: workerbeewisdom@email.com

Why are there limits to rescheduling sessions and to taking a Masterclass?
Part of the purpose of taking a Masterclass should be to get support and guidance from Professor Burlingame to reach a personal and/or professional goal.  Limits are effective ways to help you commit to your goal and your development.

How much does a Masterclass with Professor Burlingame cost?
A 12-week (3 month) Masterclass currently costs US $1920.

Are payment plans available?
If you would like to pay weekly, then the cost is US $174 every week for 12 weeks.  If you would like to pay monthly, then the cost is US $696 every month for 3 months.

What if I want to work with Professor Burlingame, but I don't have time for a 12-week program in my schedule?
The Professor does offer One-Day Masterclass Intensives.  Book a call to discuss this option HERE.

What if I need to cancel my Masterclass?
You have up until your fourth session with Professor Burlingame to cancel your Masterclass.  The remainder of your balance (minus the cost of the sessions you attended) will be returned to you.  If you cancel after the fourth session, there is no refund and you are responsible for the full Masterclass cost.  Always discuss this decision with Professor Burlingame first.  She may be able to offer an alternative solution to cancellation.

This sounds good!  How do I book a call with the Professor?
You can book a call HERE.  

Professor Burlingame looks forward to supporting you on your Masterclass journey!

Questions?  Need help?  Contact Us HERE.  Email Us Here: workerbeewisdom@email.com
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