A Taste of Anthropology

A Finalist Medal Award Winner in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards and the Eric Hoffer Book Awards

Are you exhausted and saddened by all of the fighting in the world?  Does change and upheaval cause you fear?  Are you looking for a way to cope with this uncertainty while also learning how to better deal with it in your life?

This book will help you manage the anxiety you feel about human conflict and change through the wisdom of anthropology.

In A Taste of Anthropology, anthropologist Professor E.A. Burlingame teaches you about the human species so you can gain deeper insight into humanity as a whole and positive ways to handle your relationships with yourself and the people around you.

By focusing on the anthropological universals of power structure, family, rite of passage, economic system, gender, sex & sexuality and health system, the Professor teaches key life skills that will aid you in more positively dealing with difference and strife.  These skills are reflexivity, tolerance, understanding group dynamics, understanding diversity, self-esteem & self-acceptance, problem-solving, resilience, peace of mind and handling conflict.

In addition to enlightening and fascinating examples from anthropology research, this book also provides you with practical, effective and fun ways to reinforce learning and life skills practice through activities such as journaling prompts, meditations, affirmations, anthropology scavenger hunts, mindfulness & empathy practice and adult play dates.

Professor Burlingame has included balanced and appealing scent combination suggestions in each chapter to enhance both your learning and your practice.

This is a personal improvement book like no other for people who want to enhance their knowledge of the world while also enhancing their knowledge of themselves.  Let the wisdom of anthropology expand the tools you have to cope with and handle the inevitable conflict and change that is a natural part of living a human life.

"[H]umans, no matter how similar they may be in one or two ways, are never completely the same.  These differences can lead to conflict, but, even more importantly, it is our inability to healthily navigate our differences that can make conflict so seemingly unbearable.  Anthropology can help."

Professor E.A. Burlingame, M.A., is a medical anthropologist and educator with more than a decade of experience teaching students of all ages life skills and intellectual skills through the wisdom of anthropology.  After teaching anthropology courses in colleges and universities in New York and New Jersey, Professor Burlingame started an education business based in New York City.  The Professor enjoys ice cream, alternative rock, photography, swimming, the month of October, yoga and belly dancing.  This is Professor Burlingame’s third book.  Now available HERE and HERE.


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