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Gifted and Talented Test Preparation

Please Note:  The New York City G&T program has been altered.  The gifted and talented test preparation described below is now available for students in New York State and other states located in the U.S.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Year- round G&T Test preparation for children in Pre-School through Second Grade living in New York City

8 private hour-long cumulative sessions that cover each of the seven subtests in turn with a final review session

All sessions are taught in the home

All sessions are play-based/learn-by-doing and include games and activities that teach and reinforce G&T skills

G&T practice questions and guidance are included in every session

Colorful and fun homework is left at the end of every session

A detailed email report is sent to parents/guardians after each session

Four Package Levels:

Level 1 - 8 sessions

Level 2 - 8 sessions

Level 3 - 8 sessions

Level 4 - 8 sessions

Level 5 - 8 sessions

Level 6 - 8 sessions

Each Level provides more challenging G&T skill-building -- One, two or all six levels may be taken -- The prerequisite for Levels 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 are the previous Levels

Each 8 session package is $880 to be paid in full up front or $110 at each session

Optional additional session(s):

Gifted and Talented Practice Test

Includes practice test, scoring and written feedback via an email report

$110 per practice test session if added to a prep package/$130 for stand-alone practice test sessions

Digital Gifted and Talented Subscription:

Includes creative quality practice exercises and play-based games/activities to be done at home with parent or guardian

Sent weekly via email over 2 months (8 weeks)

Email guidance and support during the subscription

$454 (or $227 per month) to be paid all at once or monthly

Any cancellations by the client that cannot be rescheduled and completed within six months must still be paid

Please contact us HERE for a consultation.

To purchase a digital copy of Professor Burlingame's G&T Test Preparation guides, An Anthropologist's Guide to Gifted and Talented Test Preparation and An Anthropologist's Workbook for Gifted and Talented Test Preparation you may do so HERE.


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