A Taste of Anthropology

 A 9-Day Medical Anthropology Retreat in Bali 

with Professor Burlingame

Wednesday, May 8, 2019 - Thursday, May 16, 2019


Bali is a tropical island province of the country of Indonesia.  It is located in the Indian Ocean east of Malaysia, west of Papua New Guinea, south of the Philippines and north of Australia.  The people of Bali are largely Hindu, with Muslims, Christians and Buddhists also living on the island.  Indonesian, Balinese and English are spoken in Bali.  The main ethnic groups include the Balinese, Javanese, Bali Aga, Madurese and Sasak.  The island itself has been inhabited by humans for approximately four thousand years.  It was a favorite research location for American anthropologist, Margaret Mead.


On this anthropology retreat, you will have the opportunity to both learn about medicine and health anthropology in this beautiful and ancient cultural region.  The approach will be through medical anthropology so you will explore medicine and health bioculturally through history, language, culture and biology in an integrated and hands-on experience in Bali.


Your mornings will begin with yoga and/or breakfast before joining Professor Burlingame for medical anthropology presentations, discussions and activities. 

Your afternoons will start with lunch and then you will break off from the group to complete individual projects and/or travel with the group on excursions. 

Evenings will begin with dinner and end with music, dancing and socializing. 

You may find that relaxing in nature near the pool, enjoying home-cooked Balinese and Indonesian meals and/or ordering a massage may be the height of your free time.


Group anthropology excursions include, but are not limited to, the following:

♦Herbal Medicine Tours

♦Medicinal Food Cooking Class

♦Goa Gajah Temple Cave

♦Bumi Sehat (Healthy Earth Mother) Birth Clinic


Accommodations are in an eco-friendly, Balinese-style house with private rooms and shared bathrooms near the celebrated town of Ubud.  All rooms, meals and household amenities are included in the price of this retreat as are all excursion fees and materials.  You are responsible for your transportation to and from Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar as well as your transportation to and from the airport to the retreat location.

You will arrive on Monday, May 6th at any time after 11 am and you will depart on Tuesday, May 14th by 11 am.

Anthropology Retreat Fees: US$6,500.00 to be paid in full by March 6, 2019.  You will be charged a US$1,000.00 deposit once you have been accepted to the program.  This fee will be your first payment toward the full retreat fee of US$6,500.00.


Professor Burlingame will only be hosting five people on this anthropology retreat. 

Are you adventurous, fun-loving, flexible, and intellectually curious?  This retreat could be exactly what you need!

All accepted students will be adults aged 18 years or older.  Both American and international students are welcome to apply.  All levels of anthropology enthusiasts are also welcome to apply.


To receive application materials for this retreat, please contact us HERE.


There are no refunds for this retreat.

If you find that you cannot make it at any time after you have been accepted to the program, you may have travel insurance cover your loss, or you will simply lose your payment. 

Professor Burlingame wants you to respect your time and energy as well as the time and energy that has gone into making this anthropology retreat a reality.  Commitment will be the first thing you will learn in this program.




Professor Burlingame cordially invites you to enjoy this unique and exciting travel experience!  Come join us in Bali!


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