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Who is Professor Burlingame?
Professor Burlingame is an anthropologist, author, educator and podcaster based in New York City.  She has a masters degree in anthropology and over a decade of experience, both inside and outside the academy, helping thousands of ambitious lifelong learners (she calls them "Ambitious Nerds") apply meaningful life lessons from the science of anthropology.  She does this through a teaching methodology that combines scientific fact with an application of these facts through active learning activities in life.

Professor Burlingame is an adventurer, muse and advocate who will help support you as you map out your personal health and wellness path during this unique opportunity to pause, learn and breathe in the alluring and healthful environment of Bali, Indonesia.

When is the next Anthropology Retreat in Bali?
The next Anthropology Retreat has been scheduled for Wednesday, May 14, 2025 at 11 am to Thursday, May 22, 2025 at 5 pm (UTC+8 hours).

What are the benefits of this Anthropology Retreat in Bali?
Health and wellness may be at the top of your mind right now, especially in the midst of a recent worldwide pandemic.  However, living your healthiest life should always be a focus for a better life.  Taking good care of oneself is a key life skill basic to improved personal and professional development.

One of the ways you can do this is by creating the kind of simple and powerful health and wellness plan this retreat was designed to help you make for yourself.  Getting clear on the basics of good health and on how you can make them a positive and joyful routine in your life can give you peace of mind in a world where there are health and wellness factors outside of our control and/or that can be best addressed by medical professionals.

This 9-day retreat is meant to help inspire you to better understand and embrace the small, but powerful, daily health and wellness routines that are within your control that can be so supportive of your overall health and wellbeing.

If these benefits appeal to you, then you should definitely apply for the retreat HERE.

How can medical anthropology help me improve my health and wellness routines?

Medical anthropology offers a perspective on human health that is holistic such that the whole of the person is addressed - their culture, history, language and biology.  During this retreat you will explore your own wellness journey through this holistic lens in the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere of Bali.  You will gain both a broader understanding of others while also gaining a focused understanding of yourself - two essential lessons one can learn from anthropology!

This retreat is not a substitute for professional medical care.  Rather it is a way for anyone to better understand what wellness is for them and how they can achieve it through the multiple aspects of their lives and identities.  The benefit of this retreat is that it will allow you to center yourself and your wellness over a nine day period so that you can have an actionable plan to inspire you to continue this positive journey after you leave.  You will then have the opportunity to have three one-hour private calls with Professor Burlingame for the three months following the retreat for added accountability, support and guidance.

How many people are included in this small group Anthropology Retreat?
A maximum of five students are included on this Retreat.  Small groups are conducive to learning and Professor Burlingame will have enough time to work collectively as well as one-on-one with up to five students.  Small groups also leave a smaller ecological footprint on the local environment.  Professor Burlingame is committed to environmentally-friendly policies in all aspects of her teaching and research.

Will I get my own room?
The Professor rents a Balinese-style home for this retreat.  In most cases you will have your own room.  Bathroom facilities may be private or shared.  All other areas of the home will be shared.

What are meals like?
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided every day of the Retreat.  Meals are Balinese-style and so will include plenty of seasonal produce and delicious national favorites such as satay, tempeh and nasi goreng.  Food allergies and sensitivities can be accommodated.

Is my airfare, transportation, fees, etc., included in the cost of the Retreat?
All materials, room and board and excursion fees are included in the cost of the Retreat.  You are responsible for your airfare to and from Bali as well as your transportation to and from the airport to the Retreat home.  You should also include trip cancellation and medical insurance fees in the price of your airfare ticket.

What happens during the Retreat?
Each day begins with yoga and breakfast.  The remainder of the morning is filled with activities and lessons around the theme of wellness and wellbeing practiced through the lens of medical anthropology.  There is then a break for lunch.  The afternoon is for outside excursions and/or individual projects.  You are then free until dinner time when the group gets back together to share a meal and socialize.

What kinds of excursions?
All excursions are planned around the theme of health and wellness through the lens of medical anthropology.  Past excursions have included a Balinese cooking class, Bumi Sehat (Healthy Earth Mother) birth clinic, an herbal medicine walking tour, a Balinese farm, an Indonesian/Balinese medicine class, The Goa Gajah Temple Cave and The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.  From these excursions you will not only gain deeper insight into your personal health and wellness path, but you will also get a chance to engage with local and international communities to help develop your anthropology-based life skills of reflexivity and tolerance.

Will I get time off?
Yes!  Every day will include private time for you to fill as you please.  Your weekend will also be free for sight-seeing, adventure travel activities, performances, etc.  However, don't be surprised if you simply want to spend time near the pool, enjoy good meals and/or schedule a relaxing massage.

May I bring my child, significant other, etc, to this Retreat with me?
This retreat is reserved for adults 18 years and older.  Families, couples, etc., are welcome to attend if they at least meet the age requirement, but they will need to apply and pay separately.

How much does the Retreat cost?
The 9-day Anthropology Retreat currently costs US $6500 to be paid in full within a month of acceptance.

Are payment plans available?
There is a four month payment plan of US $1800 per month to be paid in full within four months of acceptance.

What if I want to have a private Retreat to work one-on-one with Professor Burlingame?  Can I book out the entire Retreat just for me?
This option is available, but you will need to discuss it with the Professor first.  Please contact her via email with your proposal: workerbeewisdom@email.com.

What if I can't make it to the Retreat?
You have until two months before the Retreat start date to cancel your spot.  The remainder of your balance will be returned to you.  If you cancel after this time, no refund is available and you are responsible for the full cost of the Retreat.  Always discuss this decision with Professor Burlingame first.  She may be able to offer an alternative solution to cancellation.

This sounds amazing!  How do I apply?
You can apply for free HERE and above.

What happens after I apply?
Professor Burlingame will be in contact with you to set up a call to discuss your application and your health and wellness goals for the Retreat.  After the call, you will be contacted again and told if your application has been accepted.

What if I'm not accepted?
The Professor has other options to help you with your goals - books, articles, podcast episodes, videos and other educational programs, to name but a few.  You will be given additional ways to support your health and wellness goals if there isn't space for you in the current Retreat.  You're always welcome to apply again for the next Retreat.

This sounds amazing!  But, what if I want to speak with someone before I apply?
You can book one free 20 minute call with Professor Burlingame HERE and above.

Professor Burlingame looks forward to hosting you and supporting your health and wellness journey in Bali!

Questions?  Need help?  Contact Us HERE.  Email Us Here: workerbeewisdom@email.com
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